Visual Art, music and writing have always been an important part of my life, and I have been involved with these as an arts practitioner and educator
for many years.
The subject/theme of most of my work is landscape and our

engagement with space, an area researched intensively for 
my PhD at Deakin University, Geelong.
I work in the land itself to create much of the imagery by exposing

the paper to wind, rain, hail or the sea and sand. Shadows cast
onto paintings and drawings are also part of my image-making.
Emphasis is on the fleeting, the impermanent and the rhythms
of the land.
Working in a range of materials is important to my practice

as I am exploring the multiple aspects of the land: its hidden
history as well as presences tempered by erosion. I frequently
use inks on transparent and semi-opaque surfaces to explore
notions of fragility and layering, of impermanence
and randomness.
My most recent work, begun during an international residency

in Ireland last July, engages with the challenges of gravity, working
wet on wet and generating marks created by the elements.
Employing local materials, I create my own pens for drawing and brushes to hang on fences, railings and branches. These wind-created drawings use both horizontal and vertical surfaces, and are frequently modified by the intervention of rain.

Much of my photographic work is of sections of my own drawings in the process of drying.
A recent aspect of my practice is installation/intervention in ancient sites in Ireland.  These are documented photographically and the images used to develop a narrative presentation. 
Life drawing is  also an important and challenging part of my practice, and the drawings often become 'landscapes'.
Text fragments and poetry are another aspect of my work, and I am currently writing a narrative piece inspired by the Skellig Monks, Co. Kerry, Ireland.

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